More than just dog walking


Walking $25/$45

We offer 30 and 60 minute dog walks which include 5-10 minutes of playtime before and/or after the walk to release any of your pup's excitement or anxiety. 

Please provide their favorite treats and toys for their safety. Trust us, they will be dog-tired after just 30 minutes with us!


Running $30/$45

30 minute dog runs are best for dogs that have good leash manners and need a little more exercise than a walk can provide. A 5 minute warm-up and cool-down is included in the 30 minutes. We are happy to give them a refresher on leash manners at our first visit if your pup is a novice runner. 

60 minute dog runs are best for dogs who are regular runners. A 10 minute warm-up and cool-down is included in the 60 minutes. Please make sure your pup has access to water upon their return.

Pet Sitting


At-home doggie daycare $varies

 Just because your schedule is inconsistent doesn't mean your dog's schedule has to be! Doggie day care can include their usual potty breaks, light massage, play time and ample attention. 

Daycare prices are tailored to a client's needs. Feeding, long walks, medicating and special instructions are an additional charge. You can schedule day care for 1 to 5 hour blocks. 

Day care is also a great option for post-surgery, special needs and not-yet potty-trained pups.


Check-ins $30

We offer 30 minute visits with your critters while you are stuck in traffic or just can't seem to leave work. 

Check ins include feeding, any necessary medicating, and a potty break/litter scooping.

These visits are great for cat-only households where your kitty would otherwise be fine by itself at night, but still need to be checked in on once or twice a day.


Overnight sitting starts at $100/night

Peace of mind for you and your pets. We stay in your home so your pets don't have to change their schedule or their environment! 

Your pets will receive 16 hours of care and attention with flexible arrival and departure times. Complimentary photo updates for the pet parents, upon your request.